The Shadows of Immerghast

Taog Cananach Journal 2

Immerghast: Night 2

I’ll summarize the day in searching for flux in a single word: disappointing. One of my superstitious new companions managed to lose his weapon, we were run off by a disturbed squatting prankster, and, worst of all, we were accosted by a filthy soothsayer gypsy looking for handouts. Oh, and no sign of flux either.

The castle itself is an impressive structure. It seems easily defendable, and I’m frankly surprised  some local lord hasn’t brought in a few troops, cleared the squatter rabble, and claimed it as his own.

Only one thing bothers me. How did the squatter make the “heads” scream? I can only think he’s inserted reeds of some kind in their “mouth” openings, and they are activated as the water drains from them. Yes. I’m certain it’s something like that. 



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