Titus Immerghast

Dead duke and last of the line of Immerghast


The gates to Castle Immerghast have a peculiar custom born from the many sieges and battles the inhabitants have had to fight in its history. The last few Counts of Immerghast were said to only march their troops to war when it is raining, despite the fact that the hills and mountains around the castle frequently flood and rockslides are common during the rain.

But two hundred and fifty years ago, when Count Ersil Immerghast learned that raiders were destroying his farms in the valley and that they numbered more than ten times his house guard, decided he must sally forth and brave the weather. His men were victorious.

Later a rival baron had marched his forces across the frontier while wielding the newest crossbows and steel armor that his grand wealth could afford, and despite the passes being a muddy mess the Count marched forward to meet him in battle. Once again, he triumphed.

Thereafter, it was seen as a good omen for his men to march out beneath the etched gates while the weather is at its worse, and so far, victory has come each time.

Titus Immerghast was the last Count of Immerghast (a duke by that time), and a melancholy man. Prone to bouts and fits, common legend and lore tells that he passed away one night, slipping and falling from a rain-slick balcony on Castle Immerghast, leaving behind a wife who was never seen again. The servants had already fled the castle, due to the erratic and violent behavior of Titus, and so the gates were shuttered, with no one bothering to clean, store or care for the castle after it’s lords death.

Titus Immerghast

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