Te walks around with an over packed travelling bag, and a heavy black cloak. He can often be found doodling in his large notebook instead of paying attention to the world around him.


His hair wild under a black leather skull cap, facial hair on the verge of a beard, unusually thick for his age. He walks around with his wolf hound Afon, who warns him if he is about to walk into something. He is tall due to his continental blood, and a bit lanky.


Cledwyn son of a woman of Tri-Kazel and a holy man from the continent. His mother was killed after she brought the news of the birth of a son to the holy man. He took the baby and left him in a monastery, where he was taken care of, and only found about who his father was when the Abbot let slip when he was giving him his monthly allowance. After the boy reached the age of 16 he left to find his father, and speak to him. During his journey he met a strange troupe who put on travelling shows for food, the stories they acted out were of demons, ghosts, and all sorts of the unknown. After he traveled with them for a year he continued his journey. His father, after meeting him gave him a large sum of money and sent him to Tri-Kazel, with instructions never to seek him out again.

Cledwyn followed his father’s instructions, knowing that his life was of little meaning to that man and in danger if he stayed on the continent, and went to Tri-Kazel. When he arrived he quickly enlisted in army as young men his age did. He was distracted by stories and tales of the unknown, and was mocked because of this. As he continued in the army he was beaten by the other soldiers as well as the commanding officers. This left him a very bitter taste toward the army, and to many natives of Tri-Kazel. To gain greater isolation during his training he focused on using weapons at range.

His time served in the army was over, and Cledwyn moved on to the bigger cities finding as many books, manuscripts, and scrolls as he could about the dead, and unknown things. He also discovered Magience, and using it as a weapon. He worked with a Magience specialist in secret developing a weapon which would shoot, utilizing the power of flux. After this was made he spent much of the money his father gave him to get as much as possible.

Cledwyn maintains his notes with fast sketches and illogical notes in the margins.


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